Not sure if booking a chauffeur to the airport is the right decision for you? Don't worry, here's a quick list of information about the advantagesof travelling with an Airport Chauffeur Service.

Chauffeur Travel – Not Just For Special Occasions

We can all understand the advantages of luxury chauffeur travel for life's special occasions. However, why not extend the comfort and use LC Chauffeur's executive airport transportation services to get you (and your family) to the airport on time, relaxed and ready to go.

Why Should You Book Airport Transport With A Chauffeur Company?

There are advantages to chauffeur airport travel all year round, no matter what the season in, come rain, wind, sunshine, or snow; our friendly and experienced chauffeurs can provide a high quality service for airport travel.

  • Summer
    Travelling during summer can be very uncomfortable, especially if there's a heat wave. Public transportation such as busses and trains aren't well known for their air conditioning and cool climates during hot and humid weather. However, if you choose a luxury chauffeur for your airport travel, you can relax in comfort as you travel to your destination. Instead of being surrounded by other people, all of whom are just as warm and uncomfortable as you are, you're sat with lots of room, able to relax and enjoy the air conditioning.

  • Autumn
    This time of year isn't as bad as summer for the hot days, and it's not as bad as winter for the cold days, however it does have one major issue that plagues public transportation options, the season itself. During autumn leaves fall off a lot of trees (unless they are evergreen) and when mixed with our very British rainy weather, creates a slip hazard. This hazard can cause havoc on public transportation such as trains.

  • Winter
  • Winter
    There are many alternatives to chauffeur travel with regards to airport transportation, however they often have major disadvantages with regards to the winter weather. If you're living in an area afflicted with snow, driving yourself can be very challenging, so why not relax and leave the driving to an experienced professional? Additionally, parking during the chilly winter months can be a pain. You need to leave your vehicle in the parking lot and walk in the cold and wet winter weather to check in, why not keep things simple and be dropped off outside the departure entrance?
  • Spring
    Whilst most people's first thoughts of spring are of flowers blooming and the sound of birds singing, this is also the time of year when moist air collides with dry air, which is creates the perfect condition for thunderstorms. This weather can cause flooding, which can be devastating for those driving who are not prepared with alternative routes, or those taking public transport as train lines or bus routes could become flooded, causing significant delays at best and cancelled services at worst.
    However, with an experienced airport chauffeur, your driver will be aware of any roadside issues such as flooding or traffic jams, and thanks to their skill and the GPS technology at their disposal, they'll be able to utilise alternative routes to get you to the departure gate on time.
  • Still Not Convinced? Visit Our Blog

    If you're still not convinced about the many advantages of travelling via chauffeur, not to worry we have lots more information to share with you. If you visit our blog, you can read lots of interesting articles such as a list of three reasons why you should book a chauffeur , including things such as the reliability and the luxury experience of the transportation service.

    We also have advice regarding different airports you can stay at near Gatwick Airport, so after your relaxing chauffeur experience.

    However, if you're still unsure if you should choose a chauffeur service or a taxi service , we have a helpful guide to help you choose the service that's right for you. So if after reading our guide you decide that you'd rather book an airport taxi to London Heathrow or Gatwick, we highly recommend our sister company Loddon Cars. You can give them a call on 01189 321 321, or book a taxi using the Loddon Cars app.

    Would You Like To Get In Touch With The LC Chauffeurs Team?

    Here at LC Chauffeurs, our services are tailored to meet your exact requirements. We don't provide a one size fits all solution; we work hard to ensure that you receive a high-class service with rigorous attention to detail. Regardless of the point in the process; whether it's from initial contact, right through to the final destination, every single client will receive VIP service. Additionally, for those located in the local area, as a Berkshire-based chauffer company, we can take care of any and all your business and leisure requirements, yet at an affordable price.

    If you would like to book your chauffeur online, you could make a booking online by filling out our Online Reservation Form , by clicking the “Book Now" button at the top of the screen, or by sending our team an email at . However, those who would prefer to speak to a member of our team over the phone, please call 01189 400 400.

    Please note that if you choose to book a chauffeur service using our online form this is submitted via e-mail and as such, it may take up to 2 hours for a response.


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