Not sure if you should book a chauffeur? Don't worry here's a quick list of information to help you make an informed decision.

3 Reasons To Book Chauffeur Travel

  • The Luxury Experience. With a luxury chauffeur service from an experienced chauffeur company, you'll arrive at your destination elegantly in style and comfort. The luxury chauffeur experience will include a relaxing drive in an executive or business class vehicle, for example a Mercedes S-Class or a TESLA X which in addition to providing a luxury chauffeur experience, it produces no CO2 emissions, giving you peace of mind with both the skills of the driver, and your carbon footprint.

    Additionally, we can customise the travel experience to suit the individual needs of our clients. For example, we can provide the use of Wi-Fi, or include newspapers or any particular refreshments that you wish. Also, our
    vehicles are regularly subjected to valet and cleaning, providing another level of luxury to your travel. We believe our chauffeur services stand above the competition with regards to the attention to detail and the travel experience.
  • The Reliability. A chauffeur can take you quickly and comfortably to a variety of different destinations. A skilled premium chauffeur in Reading could take you to the airport for a holiday, they could drive you to a meeting for work, or they could provide you with luxury travel to a special destination,such as a wedding.

Alternative methods of transport such as public transportation can have their advantages;however they can also be very unreliable. After all trains can often be subject to delays with little to no notice given to the passengers and buses can be stuck in traffic, unable to take alternative routes due to their need to follow the bus route. However, every member of our chauffeur team has many years of driving and training behind them, providing you with a reliable service you can count on. Additionally, our vehicles are installed with the latest Sat-Nav systems,this means that our drivers will be able to monitor their intended routes and should the situation demand it, they can re-route to avoid potential issues.

As a premium chauffeur company in Reading, we are able to fulfil a wide range of executive transport requirements. Our drivers are able to provide our clients with high-class transportation services for a vast range of events including but not limited to proms,weddings, business meetings, sporting events, or even nights out in their local town/city centre. Also, of the vehicles we hire out are no more than two years old, also as a result of our commitment to offering our clients the best service we can; we source our vehicles from some of the leading manufacturers.

  • Chauffeur Travel Isn't Just For The Super-Rich
    Our transportation packages are bespoke; they're tailored to meet your exact requirements and take things such as your location,industry, organisation etc. into considerations. This means that no two jobs are every the same, so don't be mistaken in thinking that chauffeur services are out of reach; they're not just for the super rich. Here at LC Chauffeurs,we're able to provide our executive transportation services that work in accordance with both your budget and your location.


If you’re interested in booking chauffeur travel in Reading, why should you choose LC Chauffeurs; what makes our services better than the competition?

Well here at LC Chauffeurs, our services are tailored to meet your exact requirements. We don't provide a one size fits all solution; we work hard to ensure that you receive a high-class service with rigorous attention to detail. Regardless of the point in the process; whether it's from initial contact, right through to the final destination, every single client will receive VIP service. Additionally, for those located in the local area, as a Berkshire-based chauffer company, we can take care of any and all your business and leisure requirements, yet at an affordable price.

Would You Like To Make An Enquiry?

If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please call 01189 400 400, however if you would prefer to get in touch with us via email, please send your enquiry to

If you would prefer to book your chauffeur online, you could make a booking online by filling out our Online Reservation Form by clicking the “Book Now" button at the top of the screen. However, if you choose to book a chauffeur service using our online form, please note that this form is submitted via e-mail and as such, it may take up to 2 hours for a response.

Chauffer Travel Not For You? Would You Prefer A Taxi Service?

If Chauffeur travel doesn't feel right for you, don't worry because our sister company can provide a relaxing and comfortable private taxi service to ensure you get from A to B in a swift and convenient manner. To get in touch with our sister company Loddon Cars, you can give them a call on 01189 321 321, or book a taxi using the Loddon Cars app.


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