You don't need anyone to tell you that attaining success in the business world is complicated and difficult; it's the finer things that can often make the difference in making a sale. One of those finer things is the first impression you leave upon a client; it plays into how they initially view you, a view that they'll hold going into a meeting, a view that more often than not, provides the basis for their ultimate perception of you and your business.

If you're looking to make that all-important great first impression, have you ever thought about hiring a business chauffeur?

Give Your Reputation With A Boost, With A Business Chauffeur

That great first impression can be realised by the client, before they even set foot in your offices, or even meet you. A great way to emphasise what your business is about from the kick-off is by hiring a high-class business chauffeur.

If your client is visiting from further afield, they may not be familiar with the local area or its amenities – the presence of a chauffeur will be able to take them to where they need to go. With the potential worries about finding their way around gone and with the ability to relax in luxury during their journey, this will no doubt figure highly in creating a positive view of your services.

It isn't just about picking up clients, mind; if you need to travel to any meetings,stations or airports, a chauffeur service can help you to relax or even provide the comfort and space to prepare for the day ahead with the provision of a workstation. With the best chauffeur service having items such as power sockets and Wi-Fi installed as standard, you'll be able to arrive feeling great and ready for what's lies ahead.

And speaking of arriving at the destination – if you or(your client) undertakes the transport, can you be certain you'll be able to arrive on time? Driving (especially in an area that isn't familiar) can often be frustrating – a built-up traffic gridlock increases that frustration tenfold.There's always public transport, of course, but it's often unreliable, late and it doesn't get you exactly where you need to go.

With a business chauffeur, the traveller will be able to wash any worries or frustrations away, as a professional driver will be doing the all of the work. They are able to study a multitude of routes before the journey and create alternative plans in the case of a traffic build up. They are also able to make use of modern GPS technology to further increase these abilities – with such systems giving them live updates on the route they're planning to take. All that the passenger has to worry about is finding the most comfortable position to relax in!

Looking For A High-Class Chauffeur Service? Choose LC Chauffeurs

If you're searching for a high-quality business class transportation service that can get you or your clients from A-to-B (and often C-to-D) AND to set that right first impression, then you've found the right place here at LC Chauffeurs.

We are a luxury chauffeur service that is based in the ever-growing business community in England's South East that has spent many a year supplying our exclusive clients with transportation to locations around the country. Each job we undertake is different – with requirements varying in regards to the destinations, budgets, size and types of organisations involved– so we are well adept at dealing with any requests you may have.

What does remain a constant, however, is our approach to our work and especially, our high-class vehicles. Just a selection of our cars includes the Mercedes S Class, Audi 8 or BMW 7 series. Every one of our vehicles comes with the latest satellite navigation systems installed as standard; giving our highly-trained, professional chauffeurs the opportunity to monitor traffic and plot routes in order to get you to your destination on time and as planned. Before each booking, our vehicles are meticulously cleaned and regularly valeted to ensure that they truly look the part when they're on the road.

In order to place the finishing touches to our personal service, we are able to provide a number of extras – whether that's the usage of Wi-Fi, a phone charger or a newspaper.

Need To Learn More? Get In Touch With Us Today.

No matter the point of the booking process - from the initial contact to the moment we drop you off, we endeavour to offer the same high level of customer service throughout.

If you would like to speak to us to learn more about our business chauffeur service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer support team today.

Give us a call on 01189400 400 or if you would like to make a quick booking, please visit our booking page and fill out an online reservation form.


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