As a Berkshire based chauffeur company, we can provide our clients with relaxing chauffeur travel for a diverse range of different events. After all, chauffeur services aren't just for the super rich or for business and conference use; we can provide luxury transport services for weddings, airport travel , and events such as concerts.

Concerts To Look Forward To Later This Year

Looking for a fun concert to go to? The city of Reading does not disappoint, with genres such as Indie, Ska, Reggae, techno, and Metal; there's something for everyone to enjoy. Here's a quick list of 6 concerts you might be interested in later this year.

1. The Wildhearts
This indie and alternative band is performing at Sub89 on the Sunday October 6th.
Formed in Newcastle in the late '80s, this band is often described as a mixture of hard rock and pop music with a diverse range of influences ranging from The Beatles to Metallica. Throughout the years they achieved many top 20 singles, and a single top 10 album in the UK. However, they had frequent replacements and hiatuses over the years. That being said in 2018 the 1993 line-up returned to perform an anniversary tour, which led to a return to the studio in February this year with a May release of their first new album in 10 years named “Renaissance Men".

2. Sumer
This heavy alternative band is performing at the FaceBar in Reading on October 10th. They are quite simply taking the world by storm with their unique blend of post-progressive and metal. Rated an 8/10 from the well-known music magazine Metal Hammer and described as “UK groove monsters" by Metal Injection, this band showcases the skill, talent, and awesome live performances. If you've never heard of this band, but you enjoy acts such as Karnivool, Cult of Luna, or Meshuggah; consider buying a ticket for Sumer.

3. The Dualers
For those more interested in Ska and Reggae music, The Dualers will be performing on October 4th at Sub89. This large band has released a lot of music since their founding in 1999 with a total of 17 albums! They have also achieved many milestones during their career. For example, their single “Kiss on the Lips" peaked in the UK top 30 at stop 21, however whatmakes this all the more impressive is that they did this with no industry backing.

4. Bicurious
An experimental duo hailing from Ireland and France, Bicurious have performed in venues all over Ireland, the UK, and France, bringing their interesting mix of math-rock, jazzy progression, and sometimes even Vegan Cake. They will be performing at Mojo's Bar on October 18th.

5. Sheep On Drugs
If you're looking for something in the industrial or techno music scene, Sheep On Drugs is a great choice. Originally a duo consisting of King Duncan and Dead Lee, Sheep On Drugs was originally known for their string of singles in the early '90s such as “Motorbike" “15 Minutes of Fame", and “Track X". However, in the late '90s King Duncan departed from the band.

In 2002 the group was revived by Dead Lee, and after releasing a new album, Dead Lee began working with Johnny Borden who later joined forces, making Sheep On Drugs once again a duo act. So head on down to the Face Bar on October 19th and enjoy this awesome industrial techno experience.

6. Skindred
Performing at Sub89 on November 1st, the outrageously talented band Newport nu-metal/reggae rock blend Skindred will be treating the city of Reading to their award winning talents. In addition to winning “Best Live Band" at the Golden Gods in 2011, many of their songs have appeared on the charts, including their debut album “Babylon" (2002) which reached the number one spot on the US Reggae chart, additionally, their single “Nobody" peaked at number 14 on the mainstream rock tracks charts, and their 2014 song “Kill The Power", reached number three on the UK metal chart.

So if you're a long-time fan of this interesting and unique band that fuses the nu-metal melody of hip-hop and heavy metal, with the groove and flow of Reggae, or if you're in the mood to try something new; Skindred are a fantastic experience.

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Why Choose Chauffeur Travel For Your Concert?

Simply put, you don't want to be late; so you need a reliable form of transport. Busses can get stuck in traffic with their pre-determined routes; trains can be cancelled with little or no warning. After all, train lines can get flooded very quickly in a downpour, and if there's a heat wave train lines could become unusable due to the material railway tracks are made from.

However, this isn't the only reason why you should choose chauffeur travel, there's also the luxury aspect. In addition to our range of luxury vehicles such as the Mercedes S-Class, you can also travel in the low emission Mercedes E-Class or the zero carbon emission TESLA X.

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